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Electronic repair workshop
Professionnal electronic test bench and diagnostic equipment.
Stereomicroscope assisted soldering/desoldering station.
Good general component inventory and access to many component supplyer.
Profesionnal work, cleaned circuits, lubricated component, conformal coating.
Repair, improvement, design and assembly of electromechanical devices.
Specialities:  Lab instruments, Carver audio equipment, Paradigm speakers and Powerstroke 6.0l & 6.7l motors.
Electromechanics & Programmable Controls
Many years of experience in repair and maintenance of electronic equipment.
Sensors and measuring systems, laboratory equipment, production control and devices.
Extensive multidisciplinary knowledge; electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, acoustics, etc...
When a component is obsolete and no longer in production, we can design a replacement circuit with current technology.
Multi standard audio/video transfert
Audio/Video Analogic to Digital transfert service.
Delivery via Internet, USB key, CD or DVD.
Analogic Audio sources; Vinyl records, Dictaphones, Open Reel, 8 Tracks, Tapes, PCM and others TO  MP3, WAV or CD. 
Analogic Video sources; U-Matic, BETA, VHS, Super VHS, Sony Video8 and others TO  MP2, AVI H.264, CD or DVD.
Semi Digital Video; Mini-DV, VideoHi8 and others TO MP2, AVI H.264 or DVD.
(NTSC, PAL, SECAM, YUV, RGB, RGBhv, RGBc, VGA, Apple, DVI, DVId, HDMI and others...)

We are using professional studio equipment.
It is possible to restore signal that are not even usable on conventionnal playback devices.
We are using a multi-step process, first the signal is treated analogicaly and digitized, then dedicated video equipment can improve it further.
( Time Base Correction, Interpolation, Anti-aliasing, Digital filtering. )
A workstation class computer transfer and finally encode the final signal as desired for the selected output media recording.

This process enable considerable gain in stability and  real upscaling of image resolution to near HD quality.
Elimination of analogic image jitters and zigzags associated with low signal timing errors and noise.
Computer digital contrast and color processing can also mitigate many signal defects and provide astonishing improvement.
The results is not exactly like a modern HD recording, but somewhat more like the vintage Hollywood's 16mm motion picture.
Soft and detailed image with smooth color rendition, always very pleasing to look at compared to the original recorded signal.

Research microscopy
We operate a Leitz Ortholux II research photo-microscope equiped for many observation modes;
( Bright field, Dark field, Phase Contrast, Differential Interference Contrast, UV, Fluorescence and others. )
Digital Micro-Photographic Observation :
- Liquid and solid specimens.
- Low Cost contaminent and micro-organism detection and identification.
- State Of The Art sensitivity via Immuno Fluorescence.
- Expertise in fungus identification.
- Documented results in image or video and more.
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